Full Text of Abu Ghraib Report?

Does anyone know where the full text of the report by United States Army Major General Antonio M. Taguba about atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison can be found? The LA Times ran some excerpts (extensive, excessive, reg. req.) but surely the whole report ought to be online somewhere?

Update: Ok, that was quick: it's here, on MSNBC of all places.

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  2. Phill H-B says:

    Gosh, font finally fixed! I got the report on MSNBC, but Drum, Atrios and Kos all printed links…

    The more this thing goes on the more I think that maybe its a Machiavelian plot by the Christian fundies to bring about the destruction of Israel which apparently occurs in the run up to the rapture.

    The flag thing was just gratuitous. Then we find out today that Chalablai had promissed to sign a peace and friendship treaty with Israel on being appointed President and re-open the oil pipeline through Haifa. Now we have US troops treating the Iraqis as if they were Palestinians. What are we going to do next? Perhaps we should start some settlements arround Baghdad.

    The idea that any future leader of Iraq could agree to the Israel program without going the way of the Shah is utterly ludicrous, no way could those guys ever have taken the idea seriously. Quite how this was likely to result from democratic elections I don’t know, on the other hand we don’t know what the membership of the new Iraqi Supreme Court was planned. It was obvious from the start that any leader of Iraq was going to have to be either a Sunni who could gain Shi’a backing through a rapprochement with Iran or a Shi’a who was at the very least not beligerent to Iran. Iraq is a basket case economically and the only way to export stuff is to use the Iranian infrastructure, their roads, their ports.

    So either Rummy and co were completely humbugged by Chalabai or this is really all a head fake. They made it look like this whole Iraq business was set up for the sole purpose of fighting Israel’s wars for them, knowing that there would be an inevitable backlash against Israel when the US is still stuck in the quagmire with 200,000 troops in Iraq and 10,000 dead in 2008.

    One thing is certain, the neo-con mirage of Imperium Americanum is dead. The US is not going to come out of this with a new permanent base in Iraq. It will be at least 15 years after the end of this adventure before the US is prepared to start another war of choice. By that time China and India will definitely exceed the US GDP and if the neo-con policy of beligerence continues they will have increased their military spending to comparable levels to the US. The EU and Japan may also have developed independent military capabilities.

  3. drdrdrdrdr says:

    The Taguba report can be found at http://www.thesmokinggun.com

  4. xyzxyz says:

    Check out NPR for the full and complete Taguba report!

    [Note: the original message had URL to NPR that was messing up the front page format. The link was to this page. -mf]

  5. The full Taguba report is thousands of pages long, those links above are just the executive summary. As Russ Kick says in that link, Freedom of Information Act requests are out for the full copy.


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