Add to List of Worries: Food Prices

Memo to self: soon as you get done worrying about oil prices, start worrying about food prices. Memo to John Kerry: it's all the fault of the Chinese. Memo to Brad: yes, yes, that's a joke, really, I know trade is good for everyone in the long run (which I believe to be some time after November). No manholes in Coral Gables, so I don't have to worry about falling down one.

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2 Responses to Add to List of Worries: Food Prices

  1. MP says:

    Average home price in Coral Gables:$588,000.

  2. Michael says:

    The median would be a more useful number — I imagine the average is driven waaay up by the house prices in a neighborhood well south of here called “Gables by the Sea” which has very expensive homes, and also the homes north of here over by the golf course. But I’m not complaining: I walk to work.

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