When Judicial Nominees Tell Porky Pies

If he said what is reported at Bush Aide on Court Nominees Faces Fire as Nominee Himself, Brett Kavanaugh as much as perjured himself yesterday in front of a Senate committee when he stated that the White House had no ideological considerations in choosing judicial nominees. That obviously isn't true of this administration, just as it hasn't been true of many in my adult life (the exception that comes to mind is Jerry Ford, who seemed to care more about party affiliation than ideology per se).

I look forward to the same forces who explained, with some justice, that a person who lied to a grand jury was a poor choice to be President, now coming forward and explaining that a person who tells transparent porky pies to the Senate is unfit to be a DC circuit judge. (He's sorta young too. Judicial temperment, especially for federal appellate judges, does seem to tend to be a function of a certain age and experience much more often than not.) But I'm not holding my breath. Well worth a fillibuster. And I don't care how nice he is, how smart he is, or that he went to the right law school.

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