Florida Is a Bloghaven?

This is surprising:

=< Halavais: News>=: Where have all the bloggers gone? Well, basically the places you would expect. Lots in Boston, lots in Austin, lots on the coast, and a surprising dispersal in Florida (?)

See the cool map too (albeit only for blogs hosted by Livejournal and Diaryland).

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2 Responses to Florida Is a Bloghaven?

  1. My guess is that this may be an artifact of the distribution of zip codes and major cities in Florida. That is, unlike, say, San Diego-LA, major cities tend to fall into their own 3-digit zip in Florida? That’s a guess, I’ll have to look into it.

    The next step is to include self-domained blogs (like yours) and to control for population.

  2. Barsk says:

    Interesting map. Too bad they put Minneapolis at least 75 miles north of where it should be…we’re not that far north back home. SO it leads me to question how accurate this map is to start with…

    Also, what’s up with all the Bloggers in Detroit? Very interesting indeed, I wonder if that part of the map is also off geographically or if it is rolling UM students into that from Ann Arbor, MI State kids, Western MU as well…

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