Rafe Colburn on Iraqi Blogs

Absolutely one of the best things about the Internet is how easy it makes it to get unfiltered perspectives from people unlike (or far away from) the ones you run into every day. And then there are nice people like Rafe Colburn who want to help you find them…

rc3.org | Surveying Iraqi weblogs: I've been reading Iraqi weblogs lately, and I thought I'd give a brief survey of the ones I follow, in case anyone else is interested. They come from varying perspectives, and I find all of them fascinating. Some of them I find more depressing than others. One thing you'll find is that the Iraqis who write these weblogs have mistaken impressions about America. I find them illuminating as well, because the impressions of America that Iraqis have are far more important than the truth in terms of whether or not we have any hope of leaving Iraq better off than we found it.

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