Mark Kleiman Points To the Best Stuff in the Woodward Book

Another nice thing about the Internet is all the smart people who kindly act as filters for us.

Mark A. R. Kleiman: Woodward so far: Two dynamite political issues and one impeachable offense

1. The President told the Saudi Ambassador about our war plans two days before he told his Secretary of State.

2. The Saudi Ambassador promised to knock down oil prices in time to help the President get re-elected.

3. Money appropriated for Afghan reconstruction was instead used, without Congressional approval, for preparations for the war in Iraq.

Well, it's a start.

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3 Responses to Mark Kleiman Points To the Best Stuff in the Woodward Book

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  2. 1725 says:

    Sure will be nice when this lackluster leader leaves the peoples house. Back to Crawdad would be nice!
    San Quenten or Leavenworth would be more appropriate.

  3. Brett Bellmore says:

    I’ve got to say, this is a remarkably clever job of setting up a, “Heads I win, tails you lose!” situation. There’s plenty of reason to expect oil prices to drop again by fall for perfectly innocent reasons, ranging from Iraqi productin ramping up, to Opec’s notorious inability to sustain price increases in the face of internal conflicts. But with this nifty conspiracy theory injected into the meme pool, Bush gets blamed if oil stays expensive, AND he gets blamed if it gets cheaper!

    Dirty pool, but very clever dirty pool.

    BTW, you guys DO know the difference between allegations and guilt, right?


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