Feed the Homeless. Go to Jail.

Unless there's something we're not being told here, this is a sign that some people have lost all sense of morality. Can it really be a CRIME to share your picnic with homeless people? Even if the sharing is premeditated and the picnic somewhat pretextual?

It's legal to feed stray dogs but not hungry people? The ants can have their picnic but not the homeless? You need a FEEDING LICENSE TO GIVE FOOD TO THE HOMELESS IN TAMPA?

3 Arrested During 'Picnic' With Homeless In Park: The feud between the group Food Not Bombs and the police has been going on since at least March 21. Group members, many of whom are students at the University of South Florida, say it is their right to feed anyone, anywhere they see the need.

City officials say any group wanting to gather in the park must pay an application fee and buy insurance. Mayor Pam Iorio has said Massey Park does not have the facilities necessary for feeding the homeless.

Durkin said the group could also affiliate with a recognized feeding organization.

Members of Food Not Bombs, including Anthony Schmidt, say they do not feel they should have to do that.

“It's a contradiction to say we can't have a picnic and share with our friends,'' he said.

(spotted via the aptly-named The American Street)

We should be giving awards to people who feed the hungry, not arresting them.

How low can we go?

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  1. Thivai says:

    What could be the purpose of this ‘societal control’? do they view homeless people like ‘pests’ that will only multiply if we leave food out for them?

    thanks for catching this and posting it–not that I’m surprised, I grew up in san diego and they tried out many methods to dissuade the homeless from ‘loitering’ in an area. mike davis’ book “city of quartz” details some of these methods (used by our giant neighbor to the north–LA)

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