Toys Are Not Just for Kids

I used to think that the next time I was in a silly mood I'd order a few pounds of brightly colored Dilatant compound. I certainly don't want 100 lbs of it, and even $12/lb seemed steep.

But now I'm thinking the black stuff would be nice. Except that it's $24/lb. Would just one pound really be enough? And then there are all those other neat colors….

(Other problem: the stuff seems to melt in Florida, even indoors under air conditioning. I bunch it up and two hours later it has ooozed out into a flat boring ameboid shape. Could it be the humidity? Or does it do that everywhere?)

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2 Responses to Toys Are Not Just for Kids

  1. Andrew says:

    Law school professor plays with silly putty: excellent illustration of ‘perpetual adolescence’. (Yet your manner of dress comports well with Joseph Epstein’s idea of proper adultness.)

  2. Michael says:

    Well, if the kids are going to leave theirs on my desk….

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