Beyond Weird & Scary: Mass X-Ray Searching in UK

Talkleft has a pointer to a UPI item that is so weird I have to quote it in full: TalkLeft: British Cops Search Pub Patrons With Giant X-Ray Device:

British police used a giant X-ray machine to check for drugs and guns in raids on two London pubs, the BBC reported Saturday. Thirty four suspects were arrested by police who
used a 7-foot high X-ray machine outside the two pubs. Suspects had the
choice to be scanned or strip searched – officials said most people
chose the X-ray. The scan shows anything hidden under one’s clothes,
including metal, plastic or ceramic guns, wooden clubs, explosives or
drugs. Scotland Yard said the arrests were for offences that included
possession with intent to supply drugs, possession of an offensive
weapon, credit card fraud and immigration violations.

It can’t happen here, right? Right? Right?

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2 Responses to Beyond Weird & Scary: Mass X-Ray Searching in UK

  1. Tung Yin says:

    You are probably aware of this, but last year there was a story about a backscatter x-ray that was being tested. It basically makes you look naked . . . .

    (PS. Note the new blog address; I got sick of blog-city’s interminable delays and moved to TypePad.)

  2. Michael says:

    Yes indeed. For an example of the state of the art about 3 years ago, see this picture.

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