Vanity Fair Profiles John Ashcroft As a Vindictive Loon

Spotted via Making LightMike's Link Blog – Very Scary Shit About John Ashcroft, which is the copyright-violating full text of Judy Bacharach's Vanity Fair profile of Attorney General John Ashcroft.

I wanted to pick out one bit and suggest it's the weirdest part, but they're all like that.

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2 Responses to Vanity Fair Profiles John Ashcroft As a Vindictive Loon

  1. thomas says:

    hi prof:
    i dunno, i would have picked as my favorite:

    “The law is not about forgiveness,” he said. “It is oftentimes about vengeance, oftentimes about revenge.”
    why not put in every courtroom in big, gold letters above the judges’ heads:

    “We who labor here seek vengeance and revenge.”

  2. thomas again says:

    has anyone else noticed that every time ashcroft has gotten more political power
    it’s been almost exclusively due to a plane crash?

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