Stories Like This Are Why the US Seems So Odd to Europeans

Lost driver shuts down border: American takes wrong turn, hits Canadian border carrying hand grenade.

No, not just any border crossing — the Peace Arch Crossing.

Why, you might ask, was this lady carrying a hand grenade in her glove compartment? Is this the latest in fashion? Or is this what they carry in Houston these days for self-defense against carjackers?

Or is it just that anyone who could take a 400km wrong turn, following signs to Vancouver, B.C. instead of Vancouver, Washington is just a bit, well, nuts?

Shields said the woman's husband apparently is a member of the U.S. military posted at the army base at Fort Lewis, Wash., just south of Olympia, Wash.

RCMP were determining if the grenade was a dummy or contained explosives but said it was likely live.

The woman, originally from Houston, Tex., was turned over to Canadian immigration authorities.

“It's quite likely this woman did not know that the grenade was inside her vehicle and she is apparently quite shaken up by the whole ordeal, so charges are quite unlikely,” said Shields.

“Likely the woman will be returned back to the U.S.

Lucky us.

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One Response to Stories Like This Are Why the US Seems So Odd to Europeans

  1. Michelle says:

    That 28 y/o woman happens to be my sister. The grenade was in fact a souvenir, not a dummy or live grenade. She was new to the area and it was raining hard and she took a wrong turn. People get lost all the time, it not that uncommon. It was very upsetting to her to go through this horrible experience. You would think that the FBI and Canada police could tell the difference between a souvernir and a real granade, that’s well, nutty and unfortunate that we let them (FBI) back in the US.

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