I’d Like to Read the Rest of This

This editorial, Injustice Unchallenged, in the Washington Post has a great beginning.

THE CONSTITUTION guarantees a right to counsel for criminal defendants and obligates states to provide lawyers to those who cannot pay for them. Virginia, as a recent report prepared for the American Bar Association documents, woefully fails to meet this constitutional duty. The state's failure is so extreme that it cannot be constitutional. Yet it goes unchallenged. To understand why, consider the tale of the last lawyer who tried to raise a challenge.

Unfortunately, it gets a bit odd after that.

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2 Responses to I’d Like to Read the Rest of This

  1. Ravi Nanavati says:

    I’d recommend trying again. It seems better now. The whole editorial (about how the fee caps are likely unconstitutional because they create a conflict-of-interest for lawyers yet, at the same time, a judge intimidated lawyers into swearing that they see no conflict) is chilling. I thought no state could give Texas a run for their money, but it looks like I was wrong.

  2. Gene Austin says:

    The following message appears when I attempt to get an Avis Car Rental on the web:

    “Message from the NSAPI plugin:

    No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds.

    Build date/time: Dec 2 2003 13:39:24

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    What is NSAPI?

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