Comment Colors

While on the subject of blog mechanics (a subject that seems to draw more comments than most…up there with the Lord of the Rings and Knee Defender)…I've just installed a new MT plugin by Gavin Estey called MT-flipflop which is supposed to let me have alternating background colors in the comments. I've gotten rid of the divider lines which I never much liked, and have managed to get one of the colors to change; the other stubbornly stays fixed to the blog's overall background color. Well, it's just version 0.1 of the plugin. Update After running a CSS validator, I fixed four errors in the style sheet. The IE and Firefox versions now look much more alike, and both colors in the comments are now quite distinct.

This, however, raises the question just how lurid the background color(s) should be. Should I restrict my choice to a non-dithering color? It's a very limited set of colors. Or should I widen the choices and pick a bright yellow (#EEEE00)? A bold light blue (#63B8FF)? Something sorta purpleish (#CCCCFF)? Living in Miami makes us willing to explore garish choices…

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