The Growing National Security State In the News

It's just amazing how much of the important domestic news these days is either about economic troubles (defict, declining dollar, jobless recovery) or about conflicts over the role of the national security apparatus. Here's today's first haul of the national security related news:

  • Military Lawyer Blasts Tribunal Rules—more very justified complaining about the rules of engagement before the military tribunal at Guantanamo
  • Easing of Internet Regulations Challenges Surveillance Efforts: the spooks are at it again. Their campaign to retain their total access to all of our communications is in danger of being frustrated by…cable modems. So they're pulling out all the stops to make them as transparent to FBI (and NSA?) intercepts as ordinary telephones.
  • Meanwhile, Congress has a small case of heartburn over the renewal of certain sections of the Patriot Act. The fix to renew may be in, but Lawmakers Not Rushing to Take Up Terrorism Act…certainly not going to happen until safely after the election. Who knows, it's so unpopular that there might even be hearings to discuss the effects of the statute before Congress votes on it….
  • And, Ex-C.I.A. Aides Ask Inquiry by Congress Over Leak of Name. That darn Palme case just won't go away, and the CIA won't let go of the issue. Now they are pressuring Congress in order to create pressure on the Justice department. (While I completely agree with the CIA view here, and think this is the sort of issue they have a right to go to Congress about, I always get nervous when the secret services get involved in politics….)

And a bonus item: things are not so great in Canada either.

At least it's still newsworthy (and legal to publish).

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