More style sheet weirdness

This time I didn't change the style sheet. I just updated my copy of IE. And now, at least under win xp, the right column is off center and renders partly under the center. It looks fine in Mozilla. Data points from the Mac crowd or other browsers most welcome (or even IE under other OS's).

There may be a slight delay in fixing this one—both because I can't figure out what's causing it, and becasue my DSL connection is out at home. We're knocking down the back part of the house to rebuild it, bigger and better (we hope), and that includes the place where the DSL hits the house. We've cut the electricity to that section, so the modem — the last thing left over there — won't be able to do its stuff.

Until the nice people from Bell South come to move the service — which could be tomorrow with any luck, there will be less going on here. Indeed at some point I may lose dial-up too…

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4 Responses to More style sheet weirdness

  1. Michael says:

    I believe I’ve figured it out. For some reason, when a comment with the long URL got to the bottom of the comment queue on the homepage, it insisted on having an extra-long line, shoving everything over.

    If I’m right about that, then adding this comment should make it drop off the list…and solve the problem!

  2. Coy says:

    It definitely is working better, I use the IE browser and it looks perfect…nice work, good luck with the house.

  3. Heidi says:

    Of course, it looks fine under Mozilla’s rendering engine on Linux.

  4. chiggins says:

    Anything based on the Gecko rendering engine will be compliant with HTML-4, CSS-1, JavaScript, and XML open standards, IE’s never made it there and continues to try to “extend” these standards, despite the fact that the standards have been around for 4-6 years. Firebird, Mozilla’s newest stand alone browser, is fast and features tabbed browsing to boot (although I still like Galeon 1.2.x’s tab system better). It’s good stuff, give it a shot.

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