Who Supports George Bush? Not Disabled Veterans

Part of the mystery of current politics is why other than (1) rich people getting tax cuts, (2) people for whom even small shifts in anti-abortion policies are everything, (3) those for whom larger shifts in subsidies to mainstream religion are worthwhile, and (4) corporate welfare recipients, there's anyone left who supports Bush.

As Matthew Yglesias notes there's something real mysterious about the current apparent political stasis in the face of Bush's abandonment of most traditional Republican policies.

But I'm beginning to doubt the stasis thesis. Could it be that the national polls are wrong and there's a giant subterranean shift going on? Consider the latest Miami Herald poll — high headline numbers for Bush but low 'would vote for' numbers. Plus, when viewed up close, traditionally GOP groups now contain elements quite hostile to Bush. See for example this striking Letter from an Army vet posted at, of all places, Salon.com.

Note to self: do not become hopeful. This leads to pain.

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5 Responses to Who Supports George Bush? Not Disabled Veterans

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    Well, there’s always

    5) Those of us sufficiently capable of disinterested moral judgement to not let the fact that we’re not “Peter” convince us that robbing Peter to pay Paul is moral.

    6) Those of us who happen to like the parts of the Bill of Rights the ACLU doesn’t approve of.

    7) Folks who think fighting BACK in the war between Islam and civilization is a good idea.

  2. Karl says:

    I’d suggest taking a look at The Chicago Report’s excellent piece called, “The Republican Party Paradox“. It has a good summation of the issue facing Republican voters, and the fact is that Bush seems to be sadly the best we can hope for.


  3. mike turpin says:

    Mr. Kerry was/is a brave man in vietnam. But when he came home and spokeout against the war then was this politicaly correct to get elected to office and is history trying to repeat?

  4. mike says:

    I myself am not to pleased about this war. the thing that is more aggravating,than the war and our military people being killed and hurt,is the statements some people make concerning the rights that persons who were captured have. The ones who are not Americans have none, and the Americans fighing for them against our country well the death penalty comes to mind.

  5. L W Miller says:

    In your article “Who Supports George Bush? Not Disabled Veterans” is the author, Terry Dobbelaere the same Terry L. Dobbelaere, president of MN State APWU/ Area Local #1006 (or was he president at the time of the article)? I’ve had the opportunity to review some of his (Terry L’s) comments in 21st Century Postal Worker Political Page and can’t find another with similar name in Minnesota.

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