Meaningless Personality Quizzes, Part 4

I'm only for meaningless online personality quizzes, and only if they are funny or have a legal slant.

I don't intend to take part in the blog-fest of situating oneself on what seems to me to be an arbitrary and misleading (and falsely two-dimensional) left-right diagonal axis. I think it's pretty much meaningless, because the questions on that quiz are both too limited and too Procrustean (making one's answers too arbitrary). I'm staying out of this because people seem to think it has meaning. And it's not funny.

Here's a suitably meaningless quiz that's both legal and funny, spotted by the Invisible Adjunct: Which Founding Father Are You?

Have to say that while the carpal tunnel bit is spot on, I'd dispute the rest of it….

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4 Responses to Meaningless Personality Quizzes, Part 4

  1. meg Mcclary says:


  2. Bob from The Fifth Deminsion says:

    I was who? Alexander Hamilton? Who the heck is that?

  3. Christine says:

    Alexander Hamilton is the federal treasurer for australia

  4. christine says:

    no wait that alexander downer :S alexander HAMILTON was the treasure to
    george washinton when her was first made president…..god i dont know how i ever
    passed me american history exam :S

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