Off to Amsterdam

The whole digital world is converging on Geneva for the WSIS talks. Proving again that I am incapable of herd activities even when it would be good for me, I'm going to Amsterdam to participate in a Round Table of the “Experts Group on Telecommunications Law” being organzied by the always impressive IViR, the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam . The modest paper title I was assigned (in 20 pages, please!) was “International and National Regulation of the Internet”. But what they really wanted to hear about, it transpires, is about ICANN/ITU and what it means for registry regulation. Short answer: wrong question.

It's a short, brutal trip: out today, back late Sunday. I imagine there are good Internet cafes in Amsterdam in which case I will keep the blog updated…and then change all my passwords when I get home.

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  1. yep there are, and there are also friendly grad students at uva that let you use computers in their offices:) sometimes…. frank at is in amsterdam and is interesting to meet.

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