Aschroft (Finally) Recuses Himself from Plame Affair. Why Now?

Ashcroft Recuses Himself From Probe of C.I.A. Leak. The obvious questions is, why now? The most likely theory is that the prosectuors have come up with something that made the recusal inescapable. The much less likely and more cynical theory is that Main Justice having done all the obstruction it could do, there was nothing to be lost from getting out of the way.

Better late than later, yes. I still hope the probe at least looks into the apparent obstruction of justice issues surrounding the first 24-48 hours of the leak inquiry. Justice was unbelievably slow about ordering white house staff to keep their files intact. I want to know just how that came to be.

Various commentary at Billmon, Kos, Kos, again, and better and lots of good background at Crooked Timber.

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