I've banned IP address from posting to discourse.net after deleting a handful of Dadaist-seeming comments (e.g. “'Of course' is the cyanide of the mind”) none of which were objectionable in themselves, but all of which linked the plausible author names to sex sites. If this banning action causes any legit users pain, I hope they send me email so I can reconsider. I don't think the ban applies to email, just posting.

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3 Responses to Banned

  1. That guy is spamming my blog from exactly the same IP address. I was too lazy to ban that address until now, since I assumed that he would change his IP address frequently and banning one IP number would not achieve anything. Maybe I’ll reconsider when I find his next series of spam comments with still the same address.

  2. acline says:

    You can get rid of comment spam forever by installing MT-Blacklist. Here’s a link:


  3. Michael says:

    Been there, done that. Installed it a long time ago. These either pre-dated it, or got through it…

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