Veepstakes, Republican Style

Your bigtime mainstream political bloggers like to talk about issues such as which Democrat might best help which candidate as a Veep (Clark is the equivalent of 'O' blood here—the universal match, and Edwards works almost as well, except of course when one of them is imagined as the candidate). That's a nice parlor game, but I have a new one, just as fun. Suppose, just for the sake of the argument, that all this talk about the source of the Great Leak being someone in Richard Cheney [fixed] office pans out. And, just to make it more exciting, suppose the Veep knew before, during, or even not too long after the Leak, and/or the circumstances are such that he should have known. (Please keep in mind that all is pure hi-octane speculation at the moment. There are no facts on the public record about who leaked.)

Who does Bush pick as his running mate to replace Cheney after he reluctantly decides on health grounds to spend more time with his family?

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5 Responses to Veepstakes, Republican Style

  1. Matthew says:

    If Bush had to pick a new running-mate for re-election, given his base, I’d think he’d either entirely pander to his base or pick someone who might get him additional support from moderates/left – probably the latter, given his recent poll numbers. Therefore, I’d guess Mitt Romney, John Rowland, or (most probably) Rudy Guiliani.

  2. Spelling B says:

    You mean Dick Cheney, right?

  3. Michael says:

    Dyslexia rules KO!

  4. Jay Solo says:

    Some of us for quite a while have been intrigued by the idea of Condi for veep, or a run for President by her down the road.


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