The Power of Brad

Get linked to by Brad DeLong, watch traffic spike:

Which raises a question: is there some level of readership needed to justify the effort? I don't think I'm writing to myself. I don't expect a million readers. Somewhere, on the low end of that spectrum, is a happy steady state. Right now, I have no idea what it is, and suppose I won't be in a position to know until the novelty has worn off.

I suspect, though, that in the long run I care about who's reading even more than how many people click in. Judging from the email I'm getting, and the occasional linkage, that's going reasonably well for a startup.

Hits are not everything. Before I started posting my articles online, I wrote one called Still Naked After All These Words . It still gets many more hits than anything else I ever wrote on administrative law.

Now, about that blogroll of yours…

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