The Jeb Bush-Arnold Schwarzenegger Connection

The Forida Blog asks (and answers) a real good question, one which will be of particular interest to Californians and to polticial junkies everywhere, “Who is Donna Arduin? And how is it she's advising Arnold Schwarzenegger while on Florida's payroll?”.

Earlier Orlando Sentinel coverage (also via the Florida Blog) contains this jem:

Those who know Arduin predict Californians will soon be handed a conservative diet of program cuts, the use of one-time tax dollars to pay for recurring state services, the privatizing of state work, and tax cuts to stimulate the economy.

Some creative math might also be thrown in to help balance the books, as well as a few clashes with lawmakers, observers said.

So, would that be Bush-Schwarzenegger, or Schwarzenegger-Bush in '08?

Actually, if I had to bet, I'd say Schwarzenegger goes the way of Jesse Ventura.

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