SunnComm Sees Reason, John Halderman Safe (Till Next Time)

The Daily Princetonian reports that Threat of lawsuit passes for student, so John Halderman is off the hook. This is thus another case in which a sabre-rattling firm backed down in the face of an outcry. It is still an outrage, however, that these threats can be made even semi-credibly. Sooner or later there will be a case of outrage fatige, or a firm with no common sense at all, and we will have a lawsuit. It will probably lose, but do great damage to the defendant's bank balance and peace of mind in the process.

The DMCA needs to be fixed. Sounds like a job for Howard Dean's new Net Advisory Net?

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2 Responses to SunnComm Sees Reason, John Halderman Safe (Till Next Time)

  1. IP lawyers are getting bad!! What a fiasco. The ACLU / EFF would have loved this one I imagine.



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