Eric Muller Blogs From ‘Law, Loyalty, and Treason’

Eric Muller is blogging from a conference I wish I could attend, the UNC Law Review's symposium on Law, Loyalty, and Treason. Instead I'm about to leave for our Retreat.

His second meaty post is about a paper by Marion Crain of UNC Law School and Ken Matheny of the Social Security Administration which shows that worplace disloyalty has often been treated by those in power as subversion and disloyalty akin to treason.

Does this mean that deep in their hearts Big Employers are basically feudal?

The first meaty post is about a paper from George Fletcher of Columbia Law School. Eric says he argues that “the crime of treason has become a dead letter — conceptually incoherent — because it is essentially a feudal crime that requires a specific relationship between the citizen and a “personalized” sovereign.”

So the feudalism argument is truly joined?

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