We Have Great Students

It was only a matter of time. Although U.Miami law school does not, as of yet, provide hosting for student bloggers, we have our first student blogger. (At least, the first I know of.) What a joy to find, via the referrer function, schteino.com.

I suppose some professors might find the idea of students commenting about them online to be a little threatening. I'm of the other view: I'm always curious to know what it looks like from the other side of the desk, and while I much prefer bouquets to brickbats, if the only choice is being criticized behind my back or to my face, I'll take it straight on please (as long as it doesn't seem likely to become physical anyway).

None of this is to suggest that Mr. Schteino is complaining or even being particularly personal about anyone. It's early days, as Mr. Schteino is a 1L, but so far—and despite his claim to be a “Cynical 1L Hoping and Dreaming”—he seems like a fairly happy camper.

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  1. One of my first exposures to LiveJournals, about four years ago?, was finding a blog written by one of my students, and then trying the rest of the semester to forget the snarky things he had said about me in it :).

  2. Donna Coker says:

    So I checked out the student blog and even sent a comment. What fun!

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