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We Robot 2012 Today

We Robot 2012 logoWe Robot 20112 starts in less than an hour.

I had dinner with many of the speakers last night, and I was delighted to find that one of my aims for the event seems to be coming true: many of the participants talked about the pleasure of finding — creating — a community of people with an interest in robots and society (law, economics, ethics, policy, medicine and more). There were even some people with ambitious plans to create community-building institutions.

Thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of Jessi Tamayo and the UM Law conference staff everything seems to be running like clockwork. Except the weather: it’s not just raining, it’s thundering, which is pretty unusual for Miami. I guess the bright side is that the conference participants will be less likely to mind being indoors all day — we do have a long program planned.

There will be a Live Video Stream and also a Live Video Stream For Mobile Devices. Plus links to all the papers for We Robot 2012. And we’ll be tweeting the event with hashtag #werobot.

Join in the fun!

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We Robot Web Site Down Temporarily (FIXED) (UNFixed) (Fixed Again)

The We Robot 2012 website is down temporarily due to a hardware failure. I’m assured by IT that it will be back up in 2-4 hours.

Update (2:15pm): All fixed now.

Update2 (4pm): We’re down again. I gather there was a second hardware fault, and the new part won’t be in until tomorrow. Terrible timing.

Update3 (4/14/12 2:30pm). Back up! IT thinks it’s all OK now.

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We Robot News 4/11/12

We Robot 2012 logoVery nice writeup at Hizook, Robotics and the Law: The New ” We Robot ” Conference.

There’s a brief but enticing mention at Techdirt.

Three robopromos since my last update:

I’m going to be the discussant on the Kerr/Millar paper.

And we’ve now got almost all the papers online at the program.

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We Robot News 4/4/12

We Robot 2012 logoWe’ve now got the first batch of papers online:

More soon.

Today’s robopromo is Amir Rahmani on, “Micro Aerial Vehicles: Opportunity or Liability”. It begins:

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) pose a number of legal and regulatory issues when operating in national airspace. As a result, Congress tasked the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with safely integrating UASs into our national airspace by 2014. However, Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs), which are small to medium-sized UASs, present additional concerns because they do not qualify for the 2014 FAA integration.

I think this sounds bad for the taco copter?

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We Robot News 4/3/12

We Robot 2012 logoThe big news today is that the papers have started coming in, and as they are received I’m linking to them not only from the relevant robopromos but also from the We Robot Program page. I hope to have them all Real Soon Now.

Today’s robopromo: Sinziana Gutiu on “Sex Robots and Roboticization of Consent”. And yes, there’s a paper linked to from there.

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We Robot News 4/2/12

We Robot 2012 logoI hear we’re down to about a dozen spaces left for the general public, plus a few more for the U. Miami registrants.

Today’s robopromo: Kristen Thomasen on “Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Examining the Constitutionality of Enhanced Robo-Interrogation”.

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We Robot News 3/28/12

We have landed a major We Robot sponsor and are in talks with others. If you haven any interest in being a sponsor, or know of a potential sponsor, please get in touch.

Latest robopromo: François Xavier Albouy & Olivier Lecomte on “We Robot: Setting up the Legal and Social Framework for the ‘Robocalisation’”.

Only 17 places left as of this morning….

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