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The Road Not Taken

If and when someone smart writes the obituary of the by then late and unlamented Miami Herald, she will point to this moment in 2000 when the Herald had a chance to make a turnaround hire, and didn't.

Earlier relevant posts:

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I, for one, salute our new South Florida blog overlords.

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Phil Agre Found

Missing Internet Pioneer Phil Agre Is Found; the original report says “found safe”, but there seems to be uncertainty about that among his fans and friends.

Earlier post: Where's Phil Agre?

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Gary Farber Is Hurting

Gary Farber writes, Health Care Reform Won't Save Me. In a saga that I bet will end up something like the famous Mathews case (where the local guys keep rejecting the disability application and it takes multiple appeals to get it reinstated), Gary has had his social security disability claim rejected.

The consequences are very serious, and he may be evicted.

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Telling Tails

Brad DeLong has renamed his blog to J. Bradford DeLong's Grasping Reality with a Prehensile Tail. (It used to be “J. Bradford DeLong's Grasping Reality with Both Hands.”) I am not making this up. I have known Brad since grade school and I can testify that if he has a prehensile tail, it is either a recent growth or he hid it very well.

Incidentally, the page I linked to above includes the following line, which I quote out of context since it is funnier that way:

But when I look at Senators Conrad and Gregg, I don't recognize fellow members of my species.

Perhaps they lack a tail?

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I Went to a Party

Here's what I did this afternoon:


More details at Soul of Miami and Sex and the Beach.

It was a good party – met Mustang Bobby and saw the Miami Beach 411 crowd — always the life of the party. Plus I met the Genius of Despair (but not, alas, Gimleteye, with whom it seems I may have a few things in common.

There was a loud band, which I would enjoyed more under other circumstances. The folks at Graziano's were pouring lethal rum-and-cokes; I haven't seen ratios like that since college. One glass and it was canapes for me, trying to soak up the booze. And they were good canapes too, especially the beef. I've only ever been to the Graziano's on Bird Road, which I recall for excellent, if pricey meat. Judging from the samples, the excellence is repeated at the Brickell location.

And then I came home to watch the taped second half of the UM game. But the DVR stopped taping with only a few minutes left in the game. I saw the bad call(s) that deflated Duke. I saw Berry run and and run and run to score. And I saw Hankerson pull it in. But apparently I missed a great interception and scoring run by Sharpton. At least it was on the ESPN highlight reel.

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