Congress Rediscovers the Power of the Purse

Secrecy News, Intelligence Oversight Flexes One New Muscle, is sort of a good-news, bad-news item.

The good news is that the Senate Intelligence Committee has reported out language that makes expenditures conditional on every member of the committee being briefed on a specific intelligence issue.

The bad news is that the committee apparently wasn't able to figure this out for itself: it had to have the idea explained to it by by former Rep. Lee Hamilton.

If I had any boggle left in my mind this week, that would use it up.

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One Response to Congress Rediscovers the Power of the Purse

  1. nedu says:

    Dude, they’re not that stupid. Nobody could be that stupid. Do you honestly expect me to believe that Sen. Kit Bond (R- MO) flunked high school civics?

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