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Coup de Khan


The US phrase “tear-jerker” doesn’t do this video justice. I prefer a phrase I heard once in England–this is a “two hankie” production.

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Surreal Indeed

This is the same guy who said Obama smells of sulfur.

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Bully Pulpit

I don’t much care for the start of this Clinton campaign video, but it ends very strong.

PS. I apologize for the fact that after the video ends, it segues straight into another one about Indiana. I couldn’t find one that didn’t.

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To be honest,’s election video didn’t work for me. Maybe my expectations were too high, given that I usually like his stuff. But being as it’s a cultural event, here it is anyway.

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TIME to Go


Trump once said on the campaign trail that he would approve of torture as President, “even if it doesn’t work.” With four weeks left to Election Day, he seemed to be testing the proposition on the public.

Inside Donald Trump’s Total Meltdown | TIME.

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A Plea from the UK