Elections Have Consequences Dept.

So far, the major consequence of electing two new somewhat anti-establishment commissioners to the five-person Coral Gables Commission is that the Mayor of Coral Gables, their chief target, is acting kinda grumpy (or worse).  A motion to fire the City Manager (we have a weak-Mayor system, so the City Manager is the most powerful official in the City) failed 3-2.

I lost confidence in the manager when I read about the secret attempt to put a Wawa and gas station across from Carver Elementary, and his intervention in a zoning application by a private developer.  After a long period of thinking he was great, I’ve also started to wonder about the Chief of Police.  But don’t expect any movement on either front until someone peels off a third vote on the Commission.  Of course, the next Mayoral election is now less than two years away.

Is there an anti-establishment candidate in the wings?

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