“A Tale of Both Human and Artificial Stupidity”

Scrivner's Error logoIf you are the sort of person who thinks that platform censorship–that is censorship by platforms/intermediaries as apposed to government censorship of platforms/intermediaries–is something to get worked up about, then you likely will get worked up about C.E. Petit’s experience with having Google temporarily flag some of his blog posts as unfit for the unwarned for what seem to be genuinely idiotic reasons. He certainly did.

The estimable Petit was not in fact actually censored, nor exactly were the search results. Rather, Google-users’ access to three quite ancient blog posts at Scrivener’s Error were put behind a warning screen for about half a day before the warnings got turned off.  So it was three blog posts, from 14 years ago, that had user access complicated but not removed, for about 12 hours.

If, like me, you are the sort of person who thinks that government censorship is a much bigger deal, then you may want to visit Scrivener’s Error’s description of the ham-handed incident just for the invective.

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