“Back and Angrier than Ever”

Press Watch My brother’s blogging hiatus is over and, as he put it, “I’m back and angrier than ever.”

The newest offering is The facts need a bullhorn. I guess he’s shrill. But not without reason:

In just over a month, voters will decide the future of the United States, quite possibly sending it into a downward spiral of know-nothing autocracy, oppression, and white Christian nationalism. And if not this November, then quite possibly in 2024.

But far from shouting the news from the rooftops, our elite political reporters are mewling about dueling parties, polarization, and codependency.

They are failing to call out the hucksters, zealots, charlatans, loons, dupes, and agents of chaos who would lead our country to disaster. They don’t merely treat them with equanimity, they express admiration for their strategy and achievements.

There’s more, of course.

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One Response to “Back and Angrier than Ever”

  1. Dan Riley says:

    Shortly after Ken Bode was kicked off Washington Week and it was turned over to Gwen Ifill, there was an episode where Gloria Borger praised the Bush campaign for an effective lie. And no one called out that it was a lie. It was just good politics. I’ve been angry ever since.

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