Lest We Forget: AG William Barr’s Sad Record

Marcy Wheeler has the goods:

Among the things Bill Barr did in his second tour as Attorney General were to:

In short, over an extended period, Bill Barr laid the groundwork for the two-month effort to undermine the election that culminated in a coup attempt. The outcome of Barr’s actions — the disparate treatment by the department of Trump supporters, the empowerment of right wing terrorists, the continued influence of Powell and Rudy —  was foreseeable. Nevertheless, Barr persisted with those policies that laid the groundwork for the January 6 insurrection.

And, let’s not forget the very misleading spin of the Mueller Report.

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One Response to Lest We Forget: AG William Barr’s Sad Record

  1. Vic says:

    You keep looking at this stuff through the wrong lenses. You have simply accepted certain positions from others, and base what you think is going on these non self-created beliefs. They place the goalposts, and you believe them when they tell you they’ve always been right where they are. You aren’t thinking for yourself as much as you seem to believe you are.

    You might consider that Barr became AG on the recommendation of GW Bush. Pressure was applied by him, and people like Rosenstein to make this appointment. Remember Barr’s unsolicited letter in June 2018? You should by wondering why? Who benefitted? Who was protected by this move (the only reason Washington does anything)? You need to stop just accepting other people’s goalposts. There are a whole lot of conservatives that hated Barr beyond anything on the Left and see all these things on your list above in quite a different light – not in terms of what happened, but in terms of the meaning and purpose of them. There is, potentially, and entirely different game going on. I know you refuse to see beyond The NY Times, so I won’t bother, but if you are feeling adventurous, you might consider looking at what is being talked about elsewhere that The NY Times probably doesn’t even know about.

    By no means do I expect you to believe as I do, but it saddens me that you won’t even start looking off the approved road. There is a whole world of things far more shocking than anything you let them get yiu all worked up over.

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