Latest video from the Lincoln Project really sums it up,

… especially in light of suggestions like this one,

that Trump game plan was to trigger Biden’s stutter.

Time to pull this clip out from the archives?

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6 Responses to Decency

  1. Just me says:

    This is the best ad I’ve seen by the Lincoln Project.

    I find this ad to be very powerful as well (not Lincoln Project, though):

    And I’ve seen a handful of other TV spots by the Biden campaign that have made me proud to be an American and to be voting for Joe Biden this year – proud in the way I was proud to vote for Obama, proud in the way that I was proud of America in 2008 when “losing” would have meant that a great American like John McCain would be leading us (I both hated and loved being forced to pick between Obama and McCain, and yes, even proud like I was in 2012 when “losing” would have meant that a seemingly decent man like Mitt Romney would have been leading us.

    I have tried my best to understand the decisions of my fellow Americans to support Trump, and I just don’t get it. Even if you think that Trump’s economic policies could be superior to anything that the Democrats are offering, I cannot understand how moral minded people could vote for this guy:, this guy:, this guy: I could find a million more like these, but I have to get back to work.

    Perhaps there is a Trump voter reading this that can give me an honest and cogent explanation? Is it as simple as you believe that the ends justify the means?

    Perhaps I am inviting ridicule for being naive. I guess I’m ok with that. I’d rather be decent and naive, than to accept the opposite.

  2. Vic says:

    Considering that Biden was disrespectful (even if you think it was pre-deserved) right from the opening greeting of the debate (you don’t greet the President with “how are you doin’, man”) the only one to say “shut up” and calling the president a “clown” twice, I don’t think you can really take the decency high road on this one. If you read the transcript, you get a very different impression of who was really rude, as opposed to who was being pressing.

    The President utterly dominated Biden in that debate. He was laser focused on Biden, looking at him the entire time, ready to respond the entire time. Even his voice was stronger. Biden tried to not look at Trump and actually had to be rescued more than once by Wallace. This was not a good look for someone expected to stand up against other leaders. He didn’t even state his policy positions, even denying stuff that’s right on his campaign website.

    I don’t know where this stutter idea comes from, but it was hardly necessary. I’ve never seen anyone so much on defense – while NOT stuttering.

    Seriously, Trump can be a bully, but you’d think that someone who wanted to be President could show he can stand up to bullies, since that’s a crucial part of the job. Biden wouldn’t last five minutes working for some of the lawyers I know. He is no alpha male, that much is clear.

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