Every Grift Great and Small

cutlery but not from the White HouseDaily Kos is publishing excerpts from the Anonymous book on life inside the Trump administration.  This little bit is arresting, although there will it seems be no arrests:

Donald Trump cannot not do crimes. It is not possible for him. Early on in the administration it became apparent that he was pocketing the official White House silverware after every meal served to him. It is not something the staff was willing to challenge him on, so it has continued after every meal, every week, since the inauguration. Nobody had the slightest idea where he had been squirreling them off to until the cleaning crew discovered a sack underneath the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom containing literally hundreds and hundreds of stolen knives, forks, and spoons. Does he intend to take them with him when he leaves office? Does he take them just to prove he can? Nobody knows, and none of us want to.

Not I suppose a high crime or misdemeanor, at least until he takes them out of the White House, but sooo weird.

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2 Responses to Every Grift Great and Small

  1. Vic says:

    The sad part about the National anti-Trump Liberal Freakout is that so much BS has been flung about by the Left over the last three years, and so many people’s cognitive functions have been short circuited and retired to always see Evil Trump in every story, that even smart people cannot tell what is true and what is satire anymore. Hint: this is satire.

  2. Peter D. Lederer says:

    Dunno, “Mr Vic” — Read even just a few hundred of the @realdonaldjtrump tweets and stashing away some of the White House silver (for conversation pieces at Mar-a-Lago?) seems perfectly consonant behavior.

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