Saturday March on Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children

There will be a march on the so-called Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children this Saturday afternoon. Here are the details I received in an email from a local organizing group:

When: Saturday June 23 Time: 4pm

Where: CORNER OF 288th Street and 137th Ave Homestead Florida 33030

Bring: Sunscreen, water, comfortable walking shoes

The Trump administration has reopened a 1,000-bed Homestead facility that once housed minors who entered the country illegally and alone, reviving a compound at a time when the White House is under fire for a new policy that separates children from parents detained by immigration authorities.

Today community leaders and elected representatives were turned away for what was a planned tour of the facility.

Join our coalition of community organizers( ACLU, AFSC, FOMDD, United We Dream, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, We Count!, Miami DSA, Women’s March Florida,MUJER, Temple Beth Am, Florida Immigration Coalition, NCJW Miami, Rise Up Florida, Instituto Jesuita Perdo Arrupe) to STOP THE DETENTION CAMPS and KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER.

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10 Responses to Saturday March on Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children

  1. Aurore Oughourlian says:

    Is there a way we could set up a website to upload videos of the kids’ parents to help with the reunification process?

  2. Beth Stamp says:

    I’m driving up from Key West- Where can I park?

  3. I live quite far north of this, so I don’t know the area. But Google Maps seems to show a large shopping center w/ parking adjoining the intersection on the west side and maybe also to the south?

    Looking at the map, it also looks like a long walk to the detention center, which the New Times reports is located at 960 Bougainville Boulevard.

  4. Beth Stamp says:

    Thank you for the information- Any suggestions on hotels that we could walk over from? It looks like there aren’t any in the immediate area.

  5. Going by Google there’s no hotel that’s walkable. But that looks like a very big parking lot near the Walmart.

    I am concerned about the weather forecast. If it is pouring I don’t know of it would be sensible to go given my recent health issues.

  6. Dora says:

    I’d like to bring some supplies to the kids there, but I can’t find a phone number to call. Can you tell me how to contact the facility and how to bring supplies?

  7. anon says:

    Might be wise for people to also march up and down on south beach in the tourist zone to bring attention to the issue. Make the tourists uncomfortable vacationing nearby child concentration camps. I wonder if a permit is needed to protest on a public beach? Bullhorns and banners in the heart of Miami Beach for international tourists and the media to see might have make an impact.

  8. Sensational to see you posted about this but heartbreaking that it’s going on.

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