Link to Firefox 38 Without DRM

no-drmKeep DRM off your computer. Firefox updated to version 38 today, and it comes with DRM built in (without which, I’m told, you can’t watch Neflix).

The link above is to the US-English version of Firefox. Here’s the multi-lingual index to other language DRM-free versions of Firefox.

You can install this instead of the ver 38 update, or on top of it. In my experience it remembers all your customizations, such as plugins.

(Image from L[P]SI Blog)

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One Response to Link to Firefox 38 Without DRM

  1. jones says:

    The fix is in. DRM is built into HDMI and all Intel chips since Sandy Bridge (Intel Insider). Blockbuster put all the little video stores out of business, now Netflix puts Blockbuster out of business, and now there’s no way to watch videos without somebody watching over your shoulder and telling you what you can or can’t do about what you watch.

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