News Flash: Agave Development to be Rushed Before Coral Gables Commission

Rather than the schedule I and (judging from the campaign talk) others expected, the Agave project — a big, big issue in this election — is going before the current, pre-election Commission, at a meeting on on March 25 at 1pm. 1 This according to Group IV candidate Enrique Lopez who spoke at the Coral Gables candidate forum this evening.

While it’s undoubtedly smart lawyering for the Agave people to try to get approval from the known quantity of a largely pro-development lineup of Commissioners, given that their project has been part of the biggest issue in this campaign (if you discount the universal demagoguing about crime) this doesn’t sound at all good for local democracy.

How did the debate go? The great guys from Coral Gables TV say they’ll have the whole event up on You Tube by late tomorrow, the 17th. I’ll have my comments up on the whole debate soon too.

  1. I’m teaching a class at 2pm; guess I’m not going.[]
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