Best Disclaimer Ever?

The TV version of this otherwise endless and pointless commercial for KFC contains what may be the best disclaimer I have ever witnessed in the wild:

Professional. Do not attempt to eat chicken while doing a backflip on a motorcycle. You may choke.

Imagining that some lawyer got paid a lot of money for writing that just makes it funnier.

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3 Responses to Best Disclaimer Ever?

  1. Zorensen Leverthal says:

    I can see the lawsuit now: “but nobody warned me I might crash!”

    I saw a similar disclaimer on, I think, a Honda commercial, to the effect: “This is fantasy. Cars cannot drive on top of trains.” Maybe that one was for the Grand Theft Auto crowd…

  2. Vic says:

    I doubt any lawyer made a cent on this. It’s obviously just something that was put there mostly to be funny – as was the Honda one. That it has the side effect of being an actual disclaimer is just icing. (It doesn’t actually take a lawyer to write such things anyway…)

  3. Carl Block Jr. says:

    Best disclaimer ever? You have to experience opposing councils bullying doing away with discovery lime it’s.probative value is offset by a turd having self worth as the district attorney lacks the ability to count to twenty, finding four in the mirror. Yeah best
    T dis disclaimer….

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