Odd Marketing

scroogled-mug-microsoft-270x167Can’t say I at all get the anti-Google marketing campaign by Microsoft running under the “Scroogled” monicker. But I do like this mug.

(Spotted via snarky story at the Inquirer.)

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4 Responses to Odd Marketing

  1. Ira Steven Nathenson says:

    Sadly, the mugs have already sold out. Apparently, many were bought by Google employees. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2013/11/21/googlers-love-microsofts-scroogled-gear-mug-and-shirts-sell-out/

  2. nitin says:

    Odd and funny..

  3. That’s different, but if it is true that most of these mugs have been bought by Google employees it improves Google’s public image because it shows they have a sense of humour. Couldn’t see Microsoft responding in the same way if someone started a campaign like this against them.

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