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Sartre’s Little Helper

University of British Columbia researchers have found a new potential use for the over-the-counter pain drug Tylenol. Typically known to relieve physical pain, the study suggests the drug may also reduce the psychological effects of fear and anxiety over the human condition, or existential dread.

— Science News Anxious About Life and Afraid of Death? Tylenol May Do the Trick, Study Suggests

I think it would have been better poetic justice if the cure for existential angst were an anti-nausea drug.

Meanwhile, just remember: if it you take too much Acetaminophen, it will destroy your liver.

On the bright side, though, Acetaminophen is the only painkiller that doesn’t interact poorly with any of my meds….

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Quick Trip to Philadelphia

Tomorrow I’m going to Philadelphia so that I can give a talk at U.Penn law on Wednesday. I’m going to do something very uncharacteristic and present a true work in (early) progress rather than something rather more baked which is my usual practice.

I do have a different, near-finished, paper, but it’s old enough that I’m no longer in the mood to talk about it. Instead, I’m thinking about this new paper, although it’s so new — just three weeks old — that there’s a substantial chance some step in the argument is just plain wrong and I’ll look silly. Usually I’m too risk-averse for that. But this is what I’m excited about right at this moment, and tenure ought to be good for something.

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Exxon Claims It Doesn’t Hate Children

Exxon hated this video by Exxon Hates Your Children so much that Exxon threatened “legal action” against TV stations in Arkansas who had planned to run it as a paid ad.

Even assuming that the ad is wrong, and Exxon doesn’t hate our children, what would the nature of the claim be? I thought almost no states permitted claims alleging a corporation was libeled?

Update: Crude censorship on Arkansas oil spill story

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Coral Gables Election Results

From Miami-Dade Elections — The Herald slate won: Cason (70.8%), Lago (52.7%) and Keon (49%):

Election Results – Coral Gables General Biennial Election

Precincts Counted 35 (100%)
Absentee Precincts Counted 1
Registered Voters – Total 30,672
Ballots Cast – Total 7,101
Voter Turnout – Total 23.15%

Mayor – Group I

Ralph Cabrera 2,057 29.20
Jim Cason 4,988 70.80

Commissioner – Group II

Marlin Ebbert 2,116 31.29
Ross Hancock 1,081 15.98
Vince Lago 3,566 52.73

Commissioner – Group III

Jackson Rip Holmes 89 1.32
Patricia “Pat” Keon 3,290 48.98
P.J. Mitchell 496 7.38
Tony Newell 403 6.00
Mary Martin Young 2,439 36.31
All results are unofficial until certified by the municipality
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AS WELL AS CAUSING an outpouring of grief, vitriol and general controversy, the death of former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher on Monday also managed to highlight the pitfalls of hashtags.

The trending hashtag #nowthatchersdead was read by many Tweeters – well, those who are totally uninformed on news and global events – as announcing the news that Cher is dead, rather than Thatcher is dead, leading to an outpouring of grief for the entertainer.

Tweeters mourn passing of music and fashion icon Cher- The Inquirer.

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Vote Today in Coral Gables

It’s election day, although like many of you I voted absentee (in my case because I’m at a conference in California today). Here are my recommendations on how to vote, if for some reason you are still in doubt. You can review all my posts of the election from my Coral Gables page.

At least you should not have a long wait at the polls — turnout in these off-year elections tends to be low. But that just means your vote will count all the more. Polls close at 7pm.

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