Spanish Attack Mailer Aimed at Jim Cason

Some Coral Gables residents are getting a Spanish alternative to the English-language attack ad aimed at Mayor Jim Cason. It’s clearly a targeted mailing as I did not get one.

I think this one is perhaps going to be slightly more effective than the English one:

The main message is more streamlined: Cason is a big spender.

The image at the bottom left on which “Coral Gables” appears (via Photoshop?) on the label of a liquor bottle is a particularly interesting touch. Are they trying to suggest Cason is living it up on the taxpayer’s dollar? Or that he’s a big drinker? Seems below the belt either way.

Note that this mailer, like the English-language one, is sourced to “Citizen Action Inc. 1172 S. Dixie Hwy #250”.

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