Cortadito-ing the Gables Election (Updated)

Political Cortadito dishes on the upcoming Coral Gables election: As Gables election nears, Lago, er, new faces are certain.

I haven’t felt right about PC since she started trashing Joe Garcia for no discernible reason, so feel free to take with a grain of salt.

Update: And she dishes on the Mayoral election too: Gables mayor’s race has third ‘candidate’ — the manager .

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One Response to Cortadito-ing the Gables Election (Updated)

  1. Trashing? No discernible reason?

    I like Congressman Garcia, but I stated, rather obviously, that I did not like his close ties to the people who do business with the Cuban government. And I also disclosed that I have a love/hate thing with David Rivera, who may have his issues but never changes his stance with me depending on how the wind blows.

    Trashed? You apparently haven’t read the OTHER blogs where I can really trash people.

    Oh, and I dished on the mayor’s race, too. But you keep up the good work covering this race. Nobody else is. ;P

    Love, Ladra

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