Miami Heat Stars on Voting

LeBron James: “It’s an important time for everyone. It’s important for young people to understand how important it is to vote, to have that right. There was a time where [African-Americans] didn’t have the right to vote. There was a time that women, especially, didn’t have the right to vote. It’s your time. People should understand that and be responsible about it.”

Dwyane Wade: “It was very important for me to just have the ability to do it. It’s a privilege to be out there to vote. You want to make sure that you have some kid of voice or say, whether it’s one vote or not. If you can use any of your celebrity to bring people out, you do that.”

Chris Bosh: “People died for that, the right to vote. Doing our ancestors — our grandmothers and grandfathers — due diligence by going out and exercising our right as a citizen, it’s important. People come from other countries to participate, to vote, so their kids can do that. Anytime somebody is active politically and in the community, it’s always a good thing.”

via ESPN

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