We Can Do This

Hurricane Sandy doesn’t look like it’s gunning for us, but we may get some weather from the side of it, and the U is being cautious:

The University of Miami administration continues to monitor the progress of Hurricane Sandy. At this time, all classes, events, and clinical activities are operating on regular schedules. It is anticipated that operations will continue on normal schedules on Thursday and Friday.

While South Florida is outside the three-day forecast cone, coastal areas are under a tropical storm watch. Local weather conditions will start to deteriorate Thursday afternoon, with a prolonged period of 25 to 35 mile per hour winds and higher occasional gusts. Depending on the proximity of rain bands, the area could receive one to three inches of rain through Friday night, when conditions are expected to begin improving.

Due to the weather we will experience, members of the University community are urged to allow extra time for their commute to campus and to exercise extra caution on the roads. Additionally, any loose items kept outside need to be secured.

Check for updates at www.miami.edu/prepare or 1-800-227-0354.

Emergency Information Hotline is 1-800-227-0354

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