I’ve been hearing about this billboard, which is apparently very visible on I-95.

The billboard is paid for by APSuperPAc.org, the crazy people who also endorse Alan West. I suspect, though, that fear-mongering like this works, at least some. More about Obama’s Jewish support in Florida from the Palm Beach Post.

Personally, I think “kick the ball down the field and hope that ultimately, somehow, something will happen and resolve” the Middle East Romney will be bad for Israel. Anything that emboldens Bibi to be worse than he already is cannot end well. There likely will be another war. And many many casualties on both sides.

Sometimes a true friend is the one who keeps you from doing something rash.

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  1. Sorry but Israel is not a social or political experiment on which effete “community organizers” or policy wonks may test their “sanctions” theories. Thr r lvng nd brthng, pc lvng hmn bngs thr, ndr cnstnt ttck frm brbrc sbhmns, mstly fnncd nd rmd by rn.

    Oh, remind me again how many years Obama spent in Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitic “church?”

    “If a man comes to kill you, rise early and kill him first.” (Talmud)

  2. Have not seen this billboard yet, but this is definitely controversial and will cause up quite a stir. Early voting begins!

  3. Just me says:

    I have never really understood US support for Israel. They have no oil. They aren’t actually philosophically aligned with us as the notion of a “[name the religion/racial group – Jewish/Muslim/white/black/Arab/whatever] state” seems contrary to the principals that most Americans hold dear. I certainly don’t wish ill on the Israelis, I just don’t get the the whole “support Israel blindly” thing that is so common in US politics.

    • “I have never really understood…”

      ” I just don’t get…”

      Then go study before you make ignorant statements or draw false conclusions.

      • Commentators are reminded to be civil to one another please. Or else.

      • Just me says:


        At the risk of feeding a troll, silly insults do nothing to advance your position. If you have something of substance, I am all ears.

        In the mean time, I just don’t see why some would have us treat Israel as an extension of our own country. We and they are independent nations with separate (although sometimes overlapping) interests. The slogan I often hear that this candidate or the other supports Israel means nothing good to me. I prefer that the candidate support US interests. If that should happen by coincidence to favor Israel, fine. If US interests should happen to be opposed to Israel’s interests, tough luck for Israel.

  4. Jew mongering to neoconservatism and dispensationalism does nothing for America, nor Protestantism.

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