Tech Billionaire(s) To Offer Big Reward for Proof of Voting Machine Rigging?

David Brin has launched a personal appeal to anyone involved in rigging voting machines inviting them to spill the beans. And he claims to know of people who will pay big bucks for solid proof:

If you spill the beans convincingly on a nasty cabal that is stealing elections — or anything similar — you will be paid at least as much as the Blofelds are paying you to help them cheat. And Blofeld can’t offer you the book deal, talk shows and starlets.

In fact, I am letting a cat out of the bag. (I have permission to say this much.) If we see a repeat of 2000, with weird electoral veers in suspicious precincts that stink to high heaven, those billionaires will go public with their offer! Millions in exchange for proof that is iron-clad and solid.

Now look at your co-henchmen in the conspiracy. Consider that they have already recorded you. They have such proof, stocked and hidden away. While you twiddled your thumbs. They are positioned to take advantage of such offers, while you are not. And only the first one to blab will get the bonanza.

I’d get busy, if I were you.

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One Response to Tech Billionaire(s) To Offer Big Reward for Proof of Voting Machine Rigging?

  1. Vic says:

    All you have to do is read this guy’s website and its links to other portions of this guy’s website to get a feel for exactly what is going on here…

    Whatever you might actually think about the problems in our voting system, THIS is not the guy you want “investigating” the matter.

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