Is This the Best Political Commercial of the Year?

If Walk and Talk the Vote is not the best political commercial of the year, it’s certainly the best political commercial for judicial office I’ve ever seen.

Thank you to PW for pointing it out to me.

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3 Responses to Is This the Best Political Commercial of the Year?

  1. Jim Tyre says:

    Michael, I fear that your treadmill nightmare (the horror!) has affected you more deeply than we realized. It’s a good commercial, but it’s been making the rounds for a month. A Month! Usually you’re much more on top of these things. ‘-)

  2. Waynestock says:

    This is the best political ad from this election!
    Pennsylvania Congressional Candidate, Gene Stilp “I can take the heat”

  3. Dave says:

    Sometimes the local ones are the most imaginative:

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