A Messaging Mystery (Updated)

This new Obama web add is vaguely funny.

But I cannot figure out how it fits into any sensible over-all Obama messaging strategy or why it was worth whatever it cost to make it.

Is the strategy to get some marginal anti-tax pro-Romney voter to stay home? If so, this seems inadequate to the task. Or is the strategy to just throw things up and hope they go viral? Surely they can do better than that?

Update: In contrast, I totally get what’s going on in this Obama closer commercial which I gather is going to be on TV in swing states:

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign has its closer ad up, one that even the in-the-tank Washington Post fact checker called A ‘greatest hits’ of misleading Romney claims.

Lying seems to work, though: it’s a close election.

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One Response to A Messaging Mystery (Updated)

  1. Tom Parmenter says:

    The national campaign hasn’t touched on it, but this was a BFD in Massachusetts when it happened. Maybe it’s done for Bay State entertainment.

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